Getting Started with DUPIXENT

What to Expect

If you’ve been prescribed DUPIXENT, and if you’ve enrolled in DUPIXENT MyWay®,
here’s what to look for before your prescription arrives.

Stay on Track

Taking your medications as prescribed by your healthcare provider can help you get your best possible results. See why it’s important to stay on track.

The Next Steps

DUPIXENT is a specialty medicine that is delivered to you. However, this process can take a little longer than you are used to. Watch the video to learn how DUPIXENT goes from a prescription to being delivered to your doorstep.

DUPIXENT MyWay Patient Support

Download the DUPIXENT MyWay patient brochure to learn about your road to DUPIXENT. You'll learn about the support you can get from a trained Nurse Educator who will help navigate you through the insurance process, provide support by phone 24/7, and help optimize access to DUPIXENT