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Your healthcare provider has prescribed DUPIXENT, so what can you expect next?

With DUPIXENT MyWay, you'll have access to the following resources:

Nurse Educators
offering tips, tools,
and resources
Supplemental injection training online or in-person
Ongoing nursing support for DUPIXENT available by phone 24/7
Help scheduling deliveries and monthly prescription refills
Helpful support and resources about DUPIXENT

Download the DUPIXENT MyWay patient brochure to learn about your road to DUPIXENT.

How to Enroll

Once you've been prescribed DUPIXENT, download the enrollment form and fill it out with your doctor.

Fill out your enrollment form completely and accurately. Failure to do so could cause delays.

For more support, call 1-844-387-4936, option 1.


You filled out the enrollment form with your healthcare professional, and they faxed it in. Here's what's next:

Insurance 101

DUPIXENT MyWay helps you navigate the process of accessing DUPIXENT* if you have insurance.

*Approval is not guaranteed.

A Nurse Educator
Welcomes You

While DUPIXENT MyWay confirms your insurance benefits for DUPIXENT, you receive a welcome call from your Nurse Educator.

Your DUPIXENT Is Shipped

Once your DUPIXENT prescription is approved, a specialty pharmacy works with you to schedule shipments to your home or preferred location.

The Next Steps

DUPIXENT is a specialty medicine that is delivered to you. However, this process can take a little longer than you are used to. Watch the video to learn how DUPIXENT goes from a prescription to being delivered to your doorstep.


DUPIXENT® (dupilumab)—medicine with special storage requirements—is what's known as a specialty medicine.

That means it may be delivered to you by a specialty pharmacy instead of your local pharmacy. That also means you can expect the process for getting your prescription filled to be different from other medicines you may pick up from your local pharmacy.

It will go something like this:

First, your doctor writes a prescription for DUPIXENT. Be sure to ask your doctor about enrolling in DUPIXENT MyWay®, which can provide additional support for you. You or your doctor can download the enrollment form on DUPIXENT.COM or call 1-844-DUPIXENT, option 1 to enroll.

Next, your prescription may have to be authorized by insurance. This is called prior authorization and is common for specialty medicines. Your insurance company will work with your doctor to get any additional medical information they need.

It might feel like this part takes a while but hang in there.

If you have enrolled in DUPIXENT MyWay, you will receive a welcome call from a Nurse Educator while your insurance benefits are being confirmed.

Once DUPIXENT is approved by your insurer, a specialty pharmacy works with you to schedule the shipments of DUPIXENT to your home or other preferred location, so be sure to answer their calls to prevent delays. They will not ship your medicine without first confirming delivery details with you.

And while everyone's working through the details, look to DUPIXENT MyWay for additional support.

You can connect with DUPIXENT MyWay Nurse Educators by phone 24/7 to receive supplemental injection training, help scheduling deliveries and prescription refills, or help navigating financial support options, such as copay assistance.

As a reminder, with all of these folks helping to get you off to a good start with DUPIXENT, you may receive phone calls from your doctor's office, specialty pharmacy, and a DUPIXENT MyWay Nurse Educator. Remember to quickly respond to these calls to avoid delays in receiving DUPIXENT.

So, now you know what to expect from prescription to delivery.

For more information on how to properly store DUPIXENT after delivery, please review the DUPIXENT Instructions for Use at DUPIXENT.com.

The DUPIXENT MyWay Copay Card may help cover the cost of DUPIXENT.