Access and Patient Support


DUPIXENT MyWay® is a patient support program designed to help you get DUPIXENT as quickly as possible and help stay on track while providing helpful tools and resources.

After you get a prescription from your healthcare provider and enroll in DUPIXENT MyWay,
you'll have access to:

Insightful tips and
tools to help you along
the way
Supplemental injection training
Help scheduling monthly deliveries of your prescription
nursing support for DUPIXENT
Helpful support resources for DUPIXENT


Once you’ve been prescribed DUPIXENT, download the enrollment form and fill it out with your doctor.
It is your way to take advantage of all that DUPIXENT MyWay has to offer like personal Nurse
Educators, supplemental injection training, ongoing nursing support, and more. If you or your doctor
have questions, call 1-844-DUPIXENT (1‑844‑387‑4936), option 1 for support.

  • Fill out your enrollment form completely and accurately. Failure to do so could cause delays.


If you have insurance, DUPIXENT MyWay:

  • Researches and helps explain your insurance benefits
  • Communicates with your doctor’s office about insurance approval
  • Explores other potential funding sources to help with the out-of-pocket cost if your copay is unaffordable or you are denied coverage
  • The DUPIXENT MyWay Copay Card may help cover the cost of DUPIXENT for qualified, commercially insured patients

If you don’t have insurance, there may be another way to get assistance

  • A DUPIXENT MyWay Nurse Educator can help eligible patients explore additional options to help cover the out-of-pocket cost of DUPIXENT

*Approval is not guaranteed

This offer is not valid for prescriptions paid, in whole or part, by Medicaid, Medicare, VA, DoD, TRICARE, or similar federal or state programs


While DUPIXENT MyWay or specialty pharmacy is confirming your insurance benefits for DUPIXENT, you'll receive a welcome call.

Your dedicated Nurse Educator will share helpful resources and tools from DUPIXENT MyWay to support you through your treatment journey.

Watch the video and get to know two of the registered nurses with DUPIXENT MyWay. Learn a little more about them and the support, education, and supplemental injection training they have provided patients.


Shari: I grew up in a very small town—one stop light, if you blink you might miss it. Very quaint. The small-town environment lends to the type of work that I do, more one-on-one with our patients.

My name is Shari and I'm a registered nurse with DUPIXENT MyWay.

I chose to be a nurse because I wanted to help people, and I believe that people should be in service to others.

Being a nurse for DUPIXENT MyWay is very rewarding. I really enjoy the patient interaction. I’m ready to make a difference. I’m ready to help our patients to have the confidence to proceed with their journey.

Our nurses work remotely from our homes. So, we step into our offices, we’re going into a nice relaxing environment.

When our patients call in, they get to speak to a real person, a experienced clinician who can provide them support along their journey.

We provide general product support and education, as well as supplemental injection training, and injection and refill reminder calls.

Every day is different depending on the type of calls that we have. Some of the common questions we get: "How much is it going to cost me?" "When will I get started?" "How do I take my DUPIXENT injections when I’m traveling?"

We have multiple resources available for patients. We have the ability to send out package inserts that include all the important safety information for DUPIXENT. For patients wanting a copay card, they can access that by visiting our product website at

One of my favorite parts of providing nursing care to our patients is being able to walk them through their journey, hold their hand through the process, just to give them confidence along the way and we always want them to know that they have our support.

Laurie: I’m Laurie. I’m a registered nurse with DUPIXENT MyWay. I’ve been with DUPIXENT MyWay since the very beginning.

I give supplemental injection training to the patient and the patient’s caregiver.

When I was very young, I knew that I wanted to be a nurse. I wanted to go out and make a difference and help people.

When I get the order for the patient, I get really excited. I travel to see the patients—sometimes for hours. I make sure that I gather all of the things that I may need to help the experienced person, and then the person that’s never even touched a needle.

I think it’s very important for me as a nurse to go and teach these patients. Not only to teach them how to give themselves the medicine, but also to just come and give them encouragement, and show them kindness and patience.

When I go to see the patient, I can’t wait to travel, no matter how far it is. I have a training kit that has a training syringe in it. And that helps us so that we can practice before we do the real thing.

I can’t wait to go and meet them, and see where they are in their life, and be excited for them.

I help them to relax. Sometimes they can just take a deep breath, we’ll go slow, think about their favorite place, think about something that reminds them and makes them happy and calms them down.

I went to this patient’s house and he seemed very standoffish. You could tell that the patient was just not comfortable. He was anxious, he wouldn’t give me eye contact. So, I asked the parents, "would it be OK if I just come back the next day?"

I think it’s very important to just be patient. Make it into their routine and let them go at their own pace. We have time. They have set aside this time for us to learn. And for me to teach.

Sometimes at the end of the training, I’ll get some questions about, "You know, we did great today, but what else? What if when you leave, I don’t know what to do and it’s time for me to give myself my injection again?" I can refer the patient to the DUPIXENT website for more resources and there’s also a Nurse Educator phone number.

I like to go out and do this job. It’s just really neat. It’s neat to go in and get to know people.


Once DUPIXENT is approved, a specialty pharmacy works with you to schedule shipments of DUPIXENT to your home or preferred location.

Be sure to answer calls from your specialty pharmacy!

  • You cannot receive DUPIXENT until you speak with your specialty pharmacy to schedule your DUPIXENT shipments
  • Your DUPIXENT MyWay Nurse Educator can remind you when you are due for a refill and transfer you to your selected specialty pharmacy

Watch the video for more on how DUPIXENT goes from a prescription to being delivered to your doorstep.


DUPIXENT® (dupilumab)–a medicine with special storage requirements—is what’s known as a specialty medicine.

That means it may be delivered to you by a specialty pharmacy instead of your local pharmacy.

That also means you can expect the process for getting your prescription filled to be different from other medicines you may pick up from your local pharmacy.

It will go something like this:

First, your doctor writes a prescription for DUPIXENT. Be sure to ask your doctor about enrolling in DUPIXENT MyWay®, which can provide additional support for you. You or your doctor can download the enrollment form on or call 1-844-DUPIXENT, Option 1 to enroll.

Next, your prescription may have to be authorized by insurance. This is called prior authorization and is common for specialty medicines.

Your insurance company will work with your doctor to get any additional medical information they need.

It might feel like this part takes a while, but hang in there.

If you have enrolled in DUPIXENT MyWay, you will receive a welcome call from a nurse educator while your insurance benefits are being confirmed.

Once DUPIXENT is approved by your insurer, a specialty pharmacy works with you to schedule the shipments of DUPIXENT to your home or other preferred location, so be sure to answer their calls to prevent delays.

They will not ship your medicine without first confirming delivery details with you.

And while everyone’s working through the details, look to DUPIXENT MyWay for additional support.

You can connect with DUPIXENT MyWay Nurse Educators by phone to receive supplemental injection training, help scheduling deliveries and prescription refills or help navigating financial support options, such as copay assistance.

As a reminder, with all of these folks helping to get you off to good start with DUPIXENT, you may receive phone calls from your doctor’s office, specialty pharmacy, and a DUPIXENT MyWay Nurse Educator.

Remember to quickly respond to these calls to avoid delays in receiving DUPIXENT. So, now you know what to expect from prescription to delivery.

For more information on how to properly store DUPIXENT after delivery, please review the DUPIXENT Instructions for Use at

Quick Tip

Be sure to write down your Nurse Educator’s name, and store your specialty pharmacy’s name and phone number in your phone’s contacts.


In addition to the training from your doctor, a DUPIXENT MyWay Nurse Educator
can provide supplemental injection training, either over the phone or in person.

You can also watch a video on how to administer DUPIXENT as well.