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The DUPIXENT copay card helps eligible, commercially insured patients with their out-of-pocket treatment costs. Register to receive a card, or activate a current card below.

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Navigating a new treatment for your uncontrolled moderate-to-severe eczema (atopic dermatitis) can be challenging. It’s normal to feel nervous and have questions about your treatment. With DUPIXENT MyWayTM, access the tools and support you need to help you throughout this journey.

Sign up online with DUPIXENT MyWayTM to get:

  • Educational and support communications about DUPIXENT therapy
  • Copay Card: Eligible patients covered by commercial health insurance may have a $0 copay for DUPIXENT*
  • Tools and tips for getting started and comfortable with your treatment

* Eligible patients subject to program restrictions.

If you prefer more personal support, reach out to the DUPIXENT MyWayTM program at 1-844-DUPIXENT (1-844-387-4936).

  • Ongoing live support from a dedicated Nurse Educator and the DUPIXENT MyWayTM team to help you stay on track with DUPIXENT
  • Additional injection training and planning—in person or over the phone—to help you get comfortable injecting yourself and planning your treatment calendar
  • Guidance and assistance navigating through the insurance process.

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