Backed by science, DUPIXENT is the first and only FDA-approved
treatment for prurigo nodularis (PN).

Results you can see and feel

DUPIXENT was studied in 2 clinical trials with 311 adults with PN.

~3x as many

adults had less itch
at 24 weeks*

(59% on DUPIXENT vs 19%
not taking DUPIXENT)

In one study, some adults had less itch in as little as 12 weeks

(37% on DUPIXENT vs 22%
not taking DUPIXENT)

~3x as many

adults had skin clear or almost clear of PN bumps at 24 weeks*

(46% on DUPIXENT vs 17%
not taking DUPIXENT)

The most common
side effects in patients with
prurigo nodularis include:

  • Eye and eyelid inflammation, including
    redness, swelling, and itching,
    sometimes with blurred vision
  • Herpes virus infections
  • Common cold symptoms (nasopharyngitis)
  • Dizziness
  • Muscle pain
  • Diarrhea

*In two clinical studies with 311 adults taking either DUPIXENT or a placebo.

Keep Track of Your PN Journey

Document your prurigo nodularis to help describe symptoms to your doctor.

Communicating with your doctor is easier when you understand your prurigo nodularis symptoms and how your condition progresses over time. Here are two tips you can use to document your treatment journey.

Take photos
Photographing your skin regularly can help you determine if DUPIXENT is having an impact.

Write down your symptoms
Keeping track of your prurigo nodularis symptoms provides a reference you can consult later. Has your itching decreased over time?

Have a Productive Conversation
With Your Doctor

Our goal is for you or your loved one to get the most
out of your visit to the doctor. Fill out our personalized
discussion guide to help yourself have a productive
conversation during your next visit.

Not actual patient.

Share your story

Your experience with DUPIXENT is unique, and sharing your journey can
inspire and empower people facing similar experiences. Self-nominate to
become a DUPIXENT MyWay® Ambassador, and if selected, you may have
opportunities to share your story and offer encouragement to patients and
their family members.

Find a specialist who
treats PN

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suffering from prurigo nodularis.

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