DUPIXENT MyWay is a patient support program designed to help you get access to DUPIXENT and stay on track while providing helpful tools and resources.


One-on-one supplemental injection
support training with nurse educators
in person, virtually, or by phone.


Help coordinating deliveries
of your prescription


Insightful tips, tools, and
resources designed to help
you along your journey

DUPIXENT is given as an injection under the skin (subcutaneous injection) into different injection sites. You must be shown the right way by your healthcare provider before injecting DUPIXENT.

For more information, dial 1-844-DUPIXENT (1-844-387-4936), option 1

Monday-Friday, 8 am-9 pm ET


DUPIXENT MyWay offers support, answers to your treatment and insurance questions, and a dedicated support team to help you get
started and stay on track with your prescribed treatment plan.


    Once you’ve been prescribed DUPIXENT, your healthcare provider can download the enrollment form, help you fill it out, and fax it back to DUPIXENT MyWay at 1-844-387-9370.


    Once enrolled in DUPIXENT MyWay, you can get help navigating any required prior authorization (PA) processes or scheduling deliveries of your prescription. A specialty pharmacy will work with you to schedule the shipments of DUPIXENT to your home or preferred location. You can add DUPIXENT MyWay to the contacts list in your smartphone: TEXT the keyword CONTACT to 69929. Or, follow this link through your mobile device. Once the link opens, click the white phone icon under the headline to save the number to your contacts.


    In addition to what you’ve been shown by your doctor, you can also connect with the DUPIXENT MyWay Support Team by phone 24/7 to:

    • Receive supplemental injection training
    • Help schedule prescription reminders and refills
    • Help navigate financial support options, such as copay assistance

    Contact 1‑844‑DUPIXENT (1‑844‑387‑4936) to speak to a DUPIXENT MyWay Case Manager or representative if you have additional questions.


Next Steps



If you've just been prescribed DUPIXENT® (dupilumab), you're probably excited to start treatment, and you may have questions about how to fill your prescription.

Hi! I'm Kalli, and I'm here to teach you about filling your DUPIXENT prescription so you can get started with treatment as soon as possible.

DUPIXENT MyWay is our Patient Support Program to assist you along your DUPIXENT journey. Although you do not have to enroll to receive DUPIXENT, by enrolling, you will have access to Case Managers, your dedicated single point of contact.

You also have access to our Nurse Educators.

They are trained to provide caregivers and patients like you with supplemental injection training either online, over the phone, or in person.

Now that I've introduced our Support Team, let's talk about getting your prescription filled.

Step 1 begins when your doctor writes your first prescription for DUPIXENT.

This is a great time to enroll in DUPIXENT MyWay and start learning about what is offered. Once you've enrolled, a Case Manager will reach out to welcome you via phone or email. When speaking via phone, your Case Manager can help you access the DUPIXENT MyWay Patient App.

Case Managers are here to help you get started—so it's very important for you to take their call.

They can explain your insurance benefits, help with financial assistance options, and confirm your eligibility for the DUPIXENT MyWay Copay Card, which may help cover out-of-pocket costs* for DUPIXENT.

When requested by your provider, the Case Manager can work with you, your doctor's office, your insurance provider, and the specialty pharmacy once they receive your prescription.

And, the Case Manager can connect you with a Nurse Educator, send you essentials like a needle disposal kit, help you access a Starter Kit, and call to remind you about your refills and injections.

Which brings us to Step 2: Getting Insurance Approval.

During this step, your doctor's office or one of our Case Managers will work to verify your benefits and help to get your prescription covered by your insurance.

In some cases, your insurance may require additional information from your doctor, known as a prior authorization, before they can cover DUPIXENT.

This may take more time than you are used to, but it is a very common step for specialty medicines like DUPIXENT, which are often distributed through a specialty pharmacy.

Some insurance companies also have step therapy programs.

Step therapy is a type of prior authorization that requires patients to first try a lower-cost medication before they "step up" and get coverage for a specialty medication like DUPIXENT.

If you have questions about your coverage, call our Case Managers. They can check your eligibility, confirm your out-of-pocket costs, and discuss possible financial assistance options that can help.

And now for the final step: Receiving DUPIXENT from a specialty pharmacy.

If your prescription for DUPIXENT is approved by your insurance company, a specialty pharmacy will call you to either schedule delivery to your preferred location or with details on when it will be available for pick-up.

It is very important to take calls from your specialty pharmacy, especially if your DUPIXENT prescription is being delivered to you. The specialty pharmacy will not deliver DUPIXENT until you have spoken to them and agreed on a delivery date and time.

Here's a helpful tip: Add the specialty pharmacy's number to your contacts in your phone.

That way, you'll be able to recognize them when they call.

Due to the steps involved, it may take a month or more to receive your first DUPIXENT prescription. But remember everyone is working together to get your prescription to you as quickly as possible.

Once received, it is important to know that DUPIXENT has specific storage and handling requirements. Be sure to follow any instructions that come with DUPIXENT, and call a Case Manager with any questions.

When you receive your DUPIXENT prescription, your provider may instruct you to bring it to your next appointment, where they'll administer your first dose.

Your doctor will show you the right way to prepare and inject DUPIXENT so you can feel more comfortable giving it to yourself or to your loved one.

Additional injection training support is available any time.

Our Case Managers can connect you with a Nurse Educator to set up an appointment for in-person or virtual supplemental injection training. You can also watch our in-depth training videos on DUPIXENT.com or the DUPIXENT YouTube channel.

That's it! Now you know what to expect before and after DUPIXENT is delivered to you.

If you're curious about what life might be like with DUPIXENT, check out our DUPIXENT MyWay Mentor Program.

Our Mentors are real DUPIXENT patients or caregivers of DUPIXENT patients living with your condition who can share their experience and answer questions you may have as you start treatment.

If you're interested in signing up to speak to a Mentor, fill out a brief enrollment form.

Thanks for the taking time to learn more about DUPIXENT MyWay, our Support Team members, and the process of getting your prescription filled!

I hope this video was useful and helps you get a strong start with DUPIXENT.

And remember, the DUPIXENT MyWay Support Team is here to help you—today and throughout your treatment journey!

Take care.


DUPIXENT MyWay has additional resources and tools available to support you or your loved one during treatment.


The DUPIXENT MyWay Copay Card may help eligible,
commercially insured patients cover the out-of-pocket cost of
DUPIXENT. If you’re eligible, you can enroll online or by phone
and recieve your card by email. Terms & Restrictions apply.

Check Copay Eligibility


In addition to what you’ve been shown by your
doctor, visit the Injection Support Center to get
more resources and support materials for
taking and giving DUPIXENT.

The DUPIXENT MyWay Patient App

The DUPIXENT MyWay Patient App gives patients
enrolled in DUPIXENT MyWay access to tools to help you
start and stay on track with your treatment.
In addition to the guidance your doctor provides, the
app lets you connect with your DUPIXENT MyWay
Support Team with one tap.

To get started:

  • Contact your DUPIXENT MyWay Support Team
    for an invitation with directions to get the app
  • Call 1-844-DUPIXENT (1-844-387-4936), option 1,
    Monday-Friday, 8 am-9 pm ET


Only your doctor’s office can enroll you in DUPIXENT MyWay. The enrollment form requires a patient’s or guardian’s signature, which can be done in person or digitally.

No, you do not have to be enrolled in DUPIXENT MyWay to receive your prescription. However, a DUPIXENT MyWay Case Manager can provide additional support by helping you schedule your prescription deliveries. 

DUPIXENT MyWay is a free support program that’s available to all patients and caregivers. 

The time it takes to enroll in DUPIXENT MyWay is dependent on your doctor’s office. If you don’t hear from your doctor within a few days after receiving your prescription, you may want to reach out to confirm the status of your enrollment. 

The time it takes to receive your DUPIXENT is dependent on a few factors, including insurance approval, prior authorization, and scheduling deliveries with a specialty pharmacy.  

Once you have been prescribed DUPIXENT, be sure to save your specialty pharmacy’s contact information—and DUPIXENT MyWay if you’re enrolled—so you don’t miss important phone calls and updates that can help ensure you receive your prescription in a timely manner. 

Add DUPIXENT MyWay to the contacts list in your smartphone: TEXT the keyword CONTACT to 69929

A DUPIXENT MyWay Case Manager will help you navigate the process of receiving your DUPIXENT prescription, including insurance, approval, and prescription deliveries. 

A DUPIXENT MyWay Nurse Educator is available to help you with one-on-one supplemental injection training in person, virtually, or by phone. 

Yes, your DUPIXENT MyWay Case Manager can help you navigate any insurance changes while you’re taking DUPIXENT. 

For more questions about DUPIXENT:


If you’ve had a discussion with your healthcare provider
about DUPIXENT or have been prescribed DUPIXENT, you
can register to talk one-on-one with trained DUPIXENT patients or
caregivers of DUPIXENT patients. You can hear about
their personal journeys and discuss their experience
with DUPIXENT for your condition.


For more information, to speak with a member of the
DUPIXENT MyWay support team, or to enroll over the
phone, call our toll-free line.

For more information, dial 1‑844‑DUPIXENT
(1-844-387-4936), option 1

Monday-Friday, 8 am-9 pm ET